Sunday, 10 January 2010

Eggbox paper, cotton wool paper and an old chain!

Mmmmm...a very satisfying stash of hand made egg box paper ready waiting for inspiration to strike!
I made it in order to use up some left over procion dyes that I have been using for Harriet's challenge.
They are a very pretty shade of turquoise so I shall get thinknig what I can do with them; maybe a little book? Who knows

This old chain simply REFUSES to give in to rusting! I have scrubbed at it with washing up liquid to remove the oil but to no avail. I shall sneek off to the garage and dig out Tony's supply of GUNK. That should do the trick!

I made a supply of cotton wool paper while Elaine was here the other day as didn't want her to see my challenge project. I HATE making this stuff. It is very very messy to make but produces wonderful backgrounds to work onto with applique and machine embroidery. Made from old white sheeting, wallaper paste and cotton wool. I really have no idea how to get the wallpaper paste onto the cotton wool.
Photo seems to have GONE! it was here a minute ago!
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