Friday, 15 January 2010

Jelly Baby fabric....

An attempt at making paper fabric with jelly baby bags....still wet with PVA glue. Will it dry out and look good?

Then I had an idea.....just machine stitch jelly baby bags directly onto fabric (well...old white cotton sheeting to be precise!). It is Mum's birthday in February. she will be 88 and still cooks all her own meals so thought I might make her a jelly baby apron.
Will report back on this one next week as I am at Belstead but I shall take everything with me and get cracking on it while I am away. I think it is going to need some work on how to stitch it so it doesn't just rip off too easily. Maybe it should be bonded? I have some of her old hand made lace which I have dyed so I think I shall add it too. Could be fun!
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