Friday, 15 January 2010

Jelly Babies

At last I am going to do something with all my mum's jelly baby wrappers I have been collecting! They are taking over my wardrobe and I had great plans to use them to make a wallhanging or something so here goes. The thought porcesses are starting!
I laid out a selection of wrappers so I can print out copies to use in paper fabric. It might be more fun to make colour photocopies but I have enough wrappers to use them IF they will stick with the PVA glue. Experimentation required today!

Mum's No 1 favourites

Even better as they are BIGGER but quite difficult to get hold of

I took some wonderful video in the summer of mum talking about jelly babies and how she opens them, sorts them, counts them and then eats them!
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