Friday, 8 January 2010

2010 diary and a heart for Claire

I have been making lots of little hearts for friends but as Claire gave me the original lambswool jumper as it had become matted I thought only fair to make a big one for her and Phil as it was Phil's in the first place!

It will look lovely on their bed nestled amongst their pile of cofee and blue cushions. Claire chose the largest buttons from my collection. Some are really beautiful, ancient mother of pearl buttons.

Every year I buy a cheapo diary as I love to make a cover for it but have been really slow about getting around to doing it this year but tra-la! here it is

I was really cross with myself for painstakingly printing 2009 on the blue disc and got it half stitched on before I computed the year is 2010! grrrr.

It is made from my printed and stencilled fabric free machine stitched onto a backing of pelmet vilene with a layer of fine tulle on the top. I have no idea why I used the tulle as I did not trap anything beneath it. I normally use it when I am working on a paper fabric background but then I had had a couple of little drinkies of wine last night before I made it! I punched out the silver leaf shapes and used hot glue to hold them in place and then added some blue flower beads too. The leaves should have gone under the tulle but as they were an aftertought it was all too late. Oh well.....I am pleased with it

Job no 1 of the day was to zest and juice 9 lemons for the freezer. They are great for making salad dressing with. Job done AND a pot of curried parsnip is simmering for my lunch.

Note time:9.40am! I am hoping for a productive, creative day as I am back to work on Monday. Dearly hoping that Inspire Me Thursday is going to post a new challenge very soon
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bubblemunch said...

Your diary cover is so plush. Blummin' gorgeous.
I can just imagine a covered book like this filled with your handmade paper. You could make a fortune :-)