Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hunstanton with Lindsey

Ooooh what a lovely day we have had today when Lindsey and I took our grandaughters with us to Old Hunstanton. Here is Lindsey with two of her three gorgeous girls.
It must be noted that Lindsey is NOT wearing her cossie because she didn't think the water was going to be warm enough today. This resulted in a score of 3/10 from Chloe for her performance in the sea! ....However she did score full marks for lunch and digging in the sand, and eating ice cream faster than anyone else

We all loved paddling in the warm water and beach combing for treasures. The girls all ended up with heavy buckets and I have promised that I will do something with the treasures so I must make it this week's task. I think I shall make a picture frame using salt dough, heavily studded with shells and stones.
There was not a bit of driftwood in sight. I was most disappointed!

Lindsey is leading the way to the water's edge.....(now about two miles out!) in order to put a HUGE crab back into the sea before he gets eaten. We seem to have aquired an extra girl here wtih her body board!

Hope's footprint in the sand
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Annette Q said...

The photo of the four girls walking along the shore is just precious :-)