Friday, 14 August 2009

Early morning swim....

Oh what a blissful start to the day I have had. Jill invited me to join her for an early morning swim in the river at Newnham and so I was surprised to be wide awake before 6am and by 6.30 she and I we were walking down the narrow tree lined path leading to a locked wooden door marked 'Private Swimming Club. Members Only'.

It was like stepping back 50 years as we walked in; I had no idea the place existed. The river was beautifully calm and a mist hung over the surface. A family of swans was near the bank but we managed to slip into the river without disturbing them and swum upstream. I had noticed the long green weeds beneath the surface and made a mental effort to ignore them while I was in the water. I have always hated anything to touch my feet or legs as I swim!

After about 5 minutes I realised I have not swum for a while and was acutely aware there was no side to hold onto and rest. Luckily, Jill swims slowly so I kept calm and we reached our dead old wllow tree hollowed out with a seat just under the surface of the water. I sat a while as we watched the family of swans swim past.

The swim back downstream was faster. We stripped off and sipped hot coffee wrapped in towels. What an amazing way to start the day. My whole body tingled as I drove home and was in by 7.20am.

To be repeated I hope!

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