Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Button Bracelets

What better way to spend an evening than with a friend making delicious bracelets from a load of old buttons! Jan supplied the chain, links and connetor thingys and we shared our HUGE stashes of buttons

I'm not soo sure just how long the bits and pieces will survive on my bracelet! Bits kept falling off mine all evening as I struggled to add the next bit. We found that shanked buttons worked best but our jump rings were a little too small for some of the thumping great embellishements we wanted to add

Jan became quite expert at using the chain links for the large filligree buttons as we were both determined to get them on somehow! We carried on added stuff until we had used up all the jumprings.

Some of the supplies needed. Plenty of wire cutters and pliers (we both have a set from a 'cheap shop' buy) are essential along with a decent stash of old buttons. Yet another reason to have to trawl charity shops and car boot sales to increase the stash for future projects!
And it was GREAT to work in a tidy studio and FINISH a project. WOW!
Thanks Jan for the fun 'play'
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Annette Q said...

These are FANTASTIC! Just beautiful :-)