Wednesday, 17 June 2009


When Jan came to play yesterday she brought me the biggest bag of buttons and I have been having fun sorting them out to use in my next projects. It is so addictive running your fingers through them, feeling the different textures....some well worn and smooth, some cold, some with those little hooks on that I used on my paper pattern fairy's boots a few weeks ago.

There were three pink glass buttons and some really shiny black glass ones too. They are so pretty and have been carefully threaded together by the last owner. sowmone so much more meticulous than me but what a good idea. Yes, I imagine it would be very therapeutic to sit in my summer house and sew buttons together into groups. You know....some people talk about being bored. BORED? What is that?

I think more fairies in boots will have to be made now I have a good supply of boot buttons. I shall also have to create a family of people with button this space.
Thanks Jan.
I shall get busy having creative thoughts on what else to make with them and when I have a few spare minutes, I shall carry on the fun of sorting them into jars and I shall end up with a button sweet shop!
I can hear Tony groan at the thought
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