Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cupcakes and playday

It has been a GREAT day. The sun shone as Rosie and I walked this morning. Work was fine and I was so keen to get home, I did the 25 minute cycle ride in 20 minutes. MUST be getting fit. Joan, Daphne and Janice came for tea and mum joined us too. We have been meeting for years, supposedly to talk about machine knitting. JOKE! Daphne and I both sold our machines years ago on ebay, Joan (91 yesterday) has more machines than there are days in the week and no time to knit and Janice is a great handknitter. We always have plenty to show each other and as Daphne now has two little granddaughters to sew for she had made super outfits for them both.
it was great to have a reason to make CUPCAKES for tea!

Hope and Grace came for tea and gave me this most fetching hairdo and necklace...

and then Jan came to play in the evening. Oh dear it was like being at playschool as we sat on the floor (no room on the table!) and screenprinted everything in sight.

This is one of the little board books I have been painting white to use for scrapbook projects. I love the way the ink has bled into the surface. The screenprint design is from an antique book on lettering I bought last year at a car boot sale. This is the problem with boot sales....there are always things to buy that you didn't know you needed!
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bubblemunch said...

Those cupcakes look too yummy!

The altered book is looking great. I picked up a couple of books after reading your earlier post to have a go myself. Any tips greatly appreciated! :-)