Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cyanotype and sparkly cupcakes!

My day off today so i cracked on with this fairy piece with four year old Grace's help! I have laid it on the backgroud temporarily as i intend to add a few beads and sequins to it along with some words. I'll add them last and then i think i might frame it

close up of the corner. The piece is worked on cottonwool paper made with pva instead of wallpaper paste (Jan's idea) it has made a stiffer fabric but was very slightly easier to make. It didn't escape the screen printing session we had the other day. I'm pleased about that as it has added interest to the background.

grace's fruit plate this lunchtime. she may only be four but i do encourage creativitiy!

and to keep her amused we did some cyanotype printing as it is a lovley sunny day here in Cambridge. i prepared the fabric a year ago so it did not work too well but i shall post the end result once it has dried.
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bubblemunch said...

I just Love your blog.
You're so creative - and I learn so many new things ... I really must try the cyanotype printing. Do you have a kit or do you buy the chemicals separately?