Saturday, 28 March 2009

Empty cola tins and another little book!

I am drinking three cans of anonymous cola every day for the weight loss trial I am on. It is funded by Coca Cola and the drink is said to contain green tea extract, soluble fibre and caffeine! Sounds grim but it is OK. It is just strange drinking cola in the morning! I shall end up consuming over 240 of them I thought it might be fun to save a few and use them as flower vases just to keep me on track! I should have added white organza ribbon around them too. I think they are rather fact I did wonder if there might be a market for them on ebay!!!!! I am keeping all the ring pulls too for a scrapbooking project....or something! Watch this space....

Here is the second little book I made using the wooden skewers for the spine. This time I cut a 'v' shpe in each folded card rather than a slit as described in the last book I made. It allows the wood to show through. Idea: Paint/dye the skewers before making up the book. Might try that idea next time!

The great thing about this method of binding is the fact each page is spaced so you could add some pretty chunky items to each page and it will still close flat. It would be good for City and Guilds type of book to fill with experimntal samples. Mmmmm....good idea. I might use it for design work

I alternated yellow and orange card for the pages
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Anjie said...

This is a lovely idea I have got to try it!