Friday, 27 March 2009

Handmade book

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and DO something! Jan came over last night with a lovely black and white hand made book which inspired me to make one too. The spine is made from 8 barbeque kebab skewers and the card is A4. Three sheets of white and four black.
The covers are mount board covered with paper. The first and last pages of the book are glued onto the back of each cover

The card is folded and then marked at 1/2" intervals and slits are cut in it all the way down the folded edge

The tricky bit is getting the skewers woven between the two pages but the finished result is worth it! Thanks Jan for getting me going again. My right hand still hurts despite taking 150mg of Voltarol. Grrrr. It is not fun being injured. Thank goodness I am left handed. We take wellness for granted.
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bubblemunch said...

Your handmade book is great - it looks really different. I like the skewer idea. Thanks for posting the instructions.

Hope your thumb is starting to get better.

How's the coca cola diet going? Do you think the cramps are because of higher caffeine levels than you're used to?
Take care. Great that you're still managing to post and create.