Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Coffee cake, a broken mop and a celebration

I've just remembered THE CAKE!! Coffee and walnut ring
It is not often I have an excuse for baking but we all made cakes for the show and not a crumb passed my lips!
at the end of the show I found a mop and washed the kitchen floor and the mop disintegrated.....
all over the floor!!
saturday night....and it was a double celebration for Kate and Ed and Amy and Stu. My cake pops disappeared very quickly
Here is Amy cutting the cake. Anyone would think it was a stag do!! Those antlers were on the wall LOL!
Today was breakfast club and here are the wrist bands Grace made this morning. The kit came in a huge box and contained practically nothing! It would all have fitted in an envelope. What a con...oh well, they were fun to make
I 'm busy getting ready for teaching at Belstead this weekend. I'm dying to get to see all the blogtoberfest entries but no time yet. I'll get there soon I hope!



Larissa said...

The coffee cake looks wonderful ... mmmmmmm ... and I just love the pic with the antlers on the wall - made me smile!

Sue said...

Moira..come on ...I thought you said you were doing Art Every Day Month....this is a gentle reminder. Hope you are well:)