Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blogtoberfest and Don't forget to drop the dogs!!!!!

Woof! I've not been here for a while and now I find it is a new bloggeroo and I have just been hunting about trying to make sense ot it all.

It is BLOGTOBERFEST in the morning and I have to have it figured by then. Let me see if I can upload a picture...!!!!

 This is my quilt for the Cambridge Quilters show next weekend. I have always thought what a ridiculous expression 'don't forget to drop the dogs' is so HAD to make it into a quilt. It will be available as a card too for those who understand it!!!!! is the first of a dozen ideas I have had. Watch this space. I had hoped to use Blogtoberfest to get a grip of my website but that will have to wait till next weekend. Will be busy doing other things
See you tomorrow!


Sandie said...

That is a fun quilt, Moira, good luck with it at the Cambridge show. Great idea for a card too.
I've read others say about Blogger making changes. I've not posted for a week or so, so may find I need to get to grips with changes too! Augh....

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Good luck, Moira! The new blogger interface can be a bit tricky to adjust to, but once you get the hang of the basic, you'll be flying!
Thank you so much for your bravery in diving into all that Blogtoberfest has to offer.
Kat xx