Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poppy Love!

I had to run back for my camera this morning when I saw this!!!!!
He looks as if he is just about to give this poppy a big, slobbery kiss!! it's Ladies Day at Ascot and what every best dressed slug is wearing this season. Pink is the new black
The finale was so perfect..there he was with his prongs out, stretching up higher and higher....and then the wind came along and blew the poppy head which slapped him across the face and flung him to the ground!!! LOL!!! I missed the best shot of all. Bother!

I'm off to Scotland for a few days of wet and soggy weather....but as they say, a change is as good as a rest!


chocolatefrog said...

Wow, you *almost* made me like a slug!
Had a lovely hol on a Scottish island last week, hope you're lucky too.

Sandie said...

You've made me laugh! That photo is beauty and the beast - the poppy is gorgeous with the rain drops, but I find slugs rather unappealing. Have a great holiday and hope the sun shines... some of the time if not all!

Jude said...

ha ha, I love these pictures, I think you should make these into some cards. They would make good wedding cards, or ascot cards!

Gina said...

You've won a prize on my giveaway this week... I thought I had your email address but it appears not so if you email me with your address I'll get your little book in the post.

AnnieC said...

hehehhe, what a FABulous photo - what are the chances of catching that moment?! Annie x