Thursday, 5 July 2012

Messing About on the River.....Adventure Club Stone Painting and Japanese Footwear Fashion!!

Oh what a wonderful weekend away I have had. Sandie organised a creative break on the river in Essex and there just four of us but we had such fun! Ruth started us off making a bunting from coastal magazines and this inspired me to make some cake you do! I printed CELEBRATE onto punched card circles and machined them together and tied them to barbeque skewers. Oh that cheesecake tasted so good!


Sandie had typed out a 'photograph thirty things in 30 minutes' challenge which I LOVED! one prompt was 'you' so here I am with her list
water was another one......just look at that beautiful

sky was also on the list to photograph...along with rope, blue, red, grass, reflection, still....and so many things. I am now busy making a little book filled with photos of our weekend. I shall sharie it another time

Here is a little cencertina spined album I made using envelopes.....

Jill gave us all some white envelopes to use in a project...

I painted mine with watercolours....

and used black pen to outline each flower....then I cut the flaps off each of the envelopes.
I made a concertina spine from card and stuck each envelope to one side of of the v shapes. (Look at the top picture)

To make the covers I painted two more envelopes and cut mountboard to fit inside them. I stuck some double sided tape along the flap and cut a mountboard spine for the book

The tape was peeled off and the spine piece pressed in place onto it.....

here, you can see the mountboard spine covered with the envelope flap.
The other one was stuck on top to secure both the covers and that was it. I added tags and now the hard work starts deciding how to fill it!!

Grace's stone
We painted stones over the weekend which gave me the idea to do the same with Hope and Grace when they came for Breakfast Club. We have re-named it Adventure Club and it gets more and more fun as they get older. This week we had breakfast in the summerhouse before we painted the stones using nail varnish.....Ruth's idea...thank you ruth!
Here is Hope's stone
Next week, I'm hoping the weather will be good enough to have bacon butties in the field. If only it would stop raining!!
I just HAVE to share this....
My wonderful friend Hilary has just returned from Japan and was sporting the latest in fashion wear for all the young girls aged 20-30....frilly socks!!
Here she is demonstrating how to use the slimy, disgusting cucumber printed pads she bought for me for a laugh.....she then read the Japanese instructions that say 'do not get in the eyes'!!!!!
They are designed to put on your feet or cheeks. LOL!!

I am feeling very proud of myself that I have finally managed to work out how to upload pictures again. was an uphill battle!
Now I must go and start work on the quilt I am making for the Cambridge Quilter's exhibition. I can't wait to share it with you when its done


Sue said...

So nice to see you blogging again. What a fun time you had. I loved reading abote all your activities. Must have a go at stone painting, what an inspiring post.
Have a great end-of-week and weekend, Moira.

Gina said...

What a fun sounding weekend away! Hilary looks as mad and as lovely as ever! Remember me to her next time you see her.

Sandie said...

Love your post Moira, so good to see you back in blogland. It is lovely to see some of your photos from the weekend away and hear the Hope & Grace enjoyed decorating the stones.