Saturday, 16 July 2011

Picture-less blog!

Gosh….it is nearly a month since I was last here. I have been on a bit of a bloggy-holiday…well that is my excuse for not visiting any blogland friends for weeks. Sorry! Now I'm here I find that I can't upload any photos and so rather than get annoyed I'm going to do a picture-less blog!

I have taken lots of pictures over the last few weeks and so much has happened so this is going to be a quick potted history lest I forget. My blog is a kind of photographic diary that I can look back on when I’m OLD!!

First things first. Claire and Phils’ puppy Tizzie is a total delight although Rosie might not agree and has bared her teeth to the wee might on many occasions! It reminds me just how much hard work puppies are and what a huge commitment. Rosie is not eight yet so hopefully she will be with us for a good few years before we have to go through the puppy training nightmare again!

I have spent the last few weeks out on the road to get orders for my cards. I had one day in the Surrey area, where I lived from the age of three, and drove about 240 miles for just ONE small order. I took a photo of my old home but I hardly recognised it, but then I have changed a lot in the 51 years since I left!

The following week I had a similar trip to Kenilworth, Warwick, Stratford with no luck at all and then suddenly, this week, success!!!!! Six new accounts (PHEW!!) and my confidence has been restored. I really need to allow myself the luxury of designing and now I have had a good week, I can. I’m so looking forward to sitting down in my studio and playing. I shall make gorgeous backgrounds, dye fabrics, snip and chop all sorts of things as I create a lovely new range of cards for the ‘Top Drawer’ show in London, later this year. I need to spend time creating a few special Christmas designs too…pretty hard when the sun is baking hot and the garden calling!

The Ladies Group in Histon had a trip to Childerly Hall gardens which as wonderful. It was a perfectly still night….just right for getting lovely reflections on the water. It really must be a super venue for a wedding. They held a Red Cross ball there recently too. Although we have lived in the area for over 40 years I have never been there before. Shame I can't upload any pictures!!

There was a fab sunset too I wanted to share but words simply wouldn't do it justice. It just shows how much I rely on my camera and how much fun it is to take and share photos especially since we no longer have to worry about getting film proccesed and printed.

I hope to be back ASAP and that Blogger will allw me the pleasure of uploading phots!

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Sandie said...

Lovely to see you back in Blogland! You have been busy, driving around. Glad it paid off in the end. Have fun with the making, Moira! That's always the best bit x