Sunday, 19 June 2011


Today I am taking part in my very first ever blog hop event, organised by Sandie. Her title is ‘Celebration’ which suits me just fine as I have to work on a series of special wedding anniversary cards for the big events. Here is the starting point for my card for a pearl wedding anniversary, very much in its infancy. I like the background but it is the wrong colour. I had hoped to get it stitched before posting it but the DEADLINE is one minute past midnight tonight so here goes. Do join in the blog hop if you like by following the link here or checking out Sandie’s blog for details. The letter here is T
A second naff attempt! I am going to paint some Bondaweb in blues and attack the design again in the morning. you will see it eventually
There is so much more to celebrate right now so my whole post this time is about celebration. Tony told me a week ago he had found two spotted orchids in the field next to our house and he took me to see them. I decided to go off a see if I could find a THIRD but instead I found a single, solitary bee orchid. How cool is that? It is incredible to think that 15-20 years ago it was arable land and now it is a haven for the local wildlife, deer, two kestrels, rabbits, foxes and an incredible number of birds including green woodpeckers.  We stumbled across their beautiful, dumb offspring the other day and watched as it fluttered about trying to get out of our way. How I hope it survives!
My solitary bee orchid.
I jusy had to photgraph the loostrife too....just LOVE that colour!
I love working in my studio and watching the sun setting over the field. Tonight, there was a beautiful kiss in the sky so I grabbed the camera to capture it.
A few minutes later I looked out of the window again and my kiss had become a shark diving into the deep blue (or is it an aeropane?) Wow!!! No Photoshop touch up here…just Nature at her very best!
I have a few more things to celebrate too. It is nearly a year since I gave up nursing through extreme stress. I slowly grew my little card making business and then recently had my very first trade fair in London, having had them all printed. Today, Tony spent all day fitting out our little front bedroom with Ikea shelving to store all the packs of cards before I send them off to the shops. He is truly a STAR, especially as he survived the trip to Ikea yesterday (his worst favourite place in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!). They do not deliver CD towers and I wanted 6 of them. More of that another day once the shelves are full and I have something to photograph.
We’ve also been celebrating the arrival of a new cocker spaniel puppy for Claire, Phil, Hope and Grace. She is called Tizzy and she is simply divine.  I think she is going to give them a huge amount of pleasure.

Here, Tizzy is meeting Rosie and I can tell you she was not impressed! Rosie would have loved to play. I just hope they become really good friends.

I could find all sorts of other things to celebrate but I shan’t as I shall never get to bed if I don’t stop. Thanks for dropping by……now get celebrating all the little things in your life too. M x

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Marg said...

I remember reading your posts when you were about to finish nursing, it's hard to believe 12 months has gone by since then.
Love the sunset photos. I used to love lying on the grass watching the cloud shapes, I don't do it here as there are too many creepy crawlies in the grass. Being able to sit and watch they sky out of the window when I am working would be lovely, but I probably wouldn't get much else done.
I love Ikea!!!!!!!

Susan Allan said...

You live in a beautiful place Moira. Isn't it amazing how the wildlife regenerates itself. The Bee Orchid is fantastic. You were clever with your camera. at the ready, to take those sky shots. I really enjoyed your post!

Have fun
Sue xx

laurie said...

Hi, visiting you on Sandies bloghop. What an interesting post and your work looks so interesting. Will visit again when I have more time.

Ruth said...

Your sunset photos are fab!

alexa said...

That kiss in the sky is just lovely! A great photo ... and hope the bondaweb turns out the way you'd like. I thought it was looking pretty good myself!

Denise said...

What an interesting post, love those photos of the sunset - beautiful.

furrypig said...

so glad to have found your interesting blog from Sandie's bloghop, I am going to be subscribing from now on as you are so creative and write so beautifully plus I am nurse too!

Karen said...

Hopping over from Sandie's bloghop and I love your cards, your photos but especially your puppy!