Sunday, 29 May 2011

Stormclouds, rusty stuff, conkers and setting the froglets free!

So much to tell you today, but first, especially for Susan is Tony’s storm cloud picture with my gorgeous peonies in the foreground that I picked up years ago from a compost heap!
I have had my eye on this old wheelbarrow, rusting away at the bottom of the field nearby. Today I had the NEED to rust some fabric and thought I’d bring it back to the house. Bother. The wheel is broken so I have dragged it into the bushes and will do the deed when no-one is about. WATCH THIS SPACE for more!
I have always loved watching the horse chestnut trees bud and bloom and now they are covered in conker filled spikes. I’m amazed at how determined this tree is to produce plenty of mini conkers. Already there are signs of the moth infection which turns all the leaves brown…
And the weeping canker which is slowly killing all these wonderful trees. Tragic!
How I love the way each tiny petal on the dog rose is a beautiful heart. Precious!
Ah...we seem to be back on the rusty subject! As I had this secret urge to rust some fabric and wheelbarrow is out of reach right now, I dug out my old faithful slab of rusty metal and have laid vinegar and water soaked OCS over it and now it is a matter of WAIT AND SEE!
It was quite a while ago, shortly after the tadpoles had hatched in the pond in the field by the house when Hope and Grace pleaded with me to keep some of the taddys in a big goldfish bowl so I did! Just as well as the pond dried out completely in the last week or so. I do hope that some of the tads reached maturity but I did not go on a rescue mission this year as I have in the past.
I was totally thillerated this morning to see two baby froglets climbing the walls! I set to with a wet paint brush and picked the little dudes up and transferred them to a tray and carried them to the pond area to set them free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one or two will survive.
Here I am at the site of the dried up pond, releasing the wee souls!
Next, I added a little driftwood island (I haven’t had time to start playing big time with my driftwood stash yet!) so any more froglets can sit and chill out till I can get them out of there. I’m surprised at the different rates they are maturing. Some are clearly destined to be tadpoles forever!
I caught this little high jumper in the nick of time as he leap-frogged out of the tray!!!!!
Now I really must go and do some WORK! See you soon


Ruth said...

Stormclouds and paeonies, what a combination. Lovely photo. Looking forward to hearing about the wheelbarrow?

Marg said...

Lovely photos. It sounds like your weather is a bit all over the place this year.
Looking forward to hearing about the wheelbarrow too, and the rest of the tadpoles!

Susan Allan said...

Thank you so much for the storm cloud picture. Ribbons/ curtains of rain.....lovely. The little 'jumpers' are so cute and time-consuming!
Sue xx

Sandra Rowney said...

This looks more fun than surviving the London tube system....