Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rusty Update.....

I just could not resist a peek at the wheelbarrow rusting progress and was I disappointed?
YES I WAS!!!!!
Not much signs of rust here...and the fabric had dried out under the black bin bag covering so off it came to let the lovely rain fall on it
The 'feet' looked interesting but I was not tempted to unwrap them yet....oooh I'm good!
Back at base....here is my 'rusty chicken' piece and it looks 'done' so out it comes.......
WOOF!!!! Result......!
and here is the piece underneath......naff!
The plastic bag was the biggest surprise of all...LOVE it! But it is so delicate and the rust scratches off it so I think I shall whip it onto the scanner and commit it to a few pixel thingys....and maybe print it out onto cloth....or maybe not!
This piece was a nice surprise too....maybe a few ripples in a beach or something...who knows? That is the fun of all this play...it will be there for when the 'aha' moment strikes...then i'll have to try and remember where I stored it! 
Mmmmmmm.....messy.....Elaine's tin is looking even worse for wear now....but the rustier the better. I think that stupid wheelbarrow needs a bit more rough treatment to make it behave as well as these pieces!
My kind of washing....fluttering in the breeze, three luscious bits of rusty old fabric after I had neutralised the acid by putting them into a bicarb solution.
Now to get on with my work and get those invoices out.

I have just found out it is a year since I took Kelly Rae's course 'Take Flight' and I have!

Today's achievements so far:
I have an accoutancy package I am battling with and now I can raise a credit note and I have added my bank details to my invoices. This might sound nothing but to me it is a GIANT LEAP and I am proud of it!!!!! it is only 10.17am. What more can a girl learn in a day?
Froglett Update:
Last night, one little frogletto was teetering on the top edge of the gold fish bowl too terrified to slide down the outside....well....that is the way it looked.....so I helped him off and into the flower bed.
Total frogletts to date set free: 5


Ruth said...

Love the material fluttering in the wind.
The rusted images are wonderful, who would have thought? A rusted wheelbarrow and some white cotton. Well done you!

Amelia said...

wow what fascinating experiments and results. Love things like this. It comes up on the experimental art e-course. They look great drying like that :)