Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Belstead...focus on photos

       Photo by Jill

                                                        Me....photographing them......

Belstead...the most perfect place on earth...the ultimate retreat, the place where I have laughed more than anywhere else on this earth. Where wonderful friendships are formed and everyone returns time after time to re-live the magic of this fabulous place. I have lost count of the number of times I have stayed here...well over 100. Most of the staff are still here and I've been coming for 20 years!
On this occasion I was teaching 'Focus on Photos' and have been busy learning Adobe Photoshop Elements so I could show a few techniques. I love using Picasa and experimented with naming 'people' before I went and was knocked out by it. what an amazing thing for free software to be able to do. It is such a great way to see all the pictures you have of ONE person all together!
                                                                 photographing me...
as I set my own camera on 10 second auto so I could run round and join in the group shot I took! (not shown) We were looking at lighting and the difference it makes and how to make the most of it. The photos and the memories they hold, are the most important part of scrapbooking for me and it worth taking the time to get the best pictures you can
                                                                      Photo by Jill

This picture and the one below were taken by Sandie and really capture the magic of the moment. LOVE the backlighting and the catchlights in her eyes!

                         Photo by Sandie

Barbara is sporting her 'gold star' the award she got for being the first to finish a challenge set by Lynda to make something with the doily (under the melon balls!) at dinner time. Her FIRST gold star ever! Made from tomato puree tube...what else?

My mum was 89 the next day and I made this card for her using the hand made paper I demonstrated making on Friday night, made from the pulp for old Aldi egg boxes which are now extinct! Here is the link to the video I made for Thing-a-day for preparing the pulp

Within15 minutes of getting home, the family all arrived and we had a birthday party for her which she really enjoyed. It was a perfect finish to a very enjoyable weekend. Belstead is closing in 2013...WHAT are we going to do?


Sandie said...

Thanks for a great weekend Moira.
I am still naming my faces on Picasa - only 17,000 + to go!!
What wonderful memories I have, and I still break out in a silent laugh when I think of special moments. Great crowd, great food, great place... we need a campaign to keep Belseat open.

Sandie said...

Excuse the typo... I meant Belstead of course!! :)

Susan Allan said...

You seem to have had amazing fun. I love the idea of recycling egg boxes...right up my street. The card you made was perfect!
Sue xx

dandelion dreamer said...

Sandie...I think we need to set up a facebook page...I shall look into doing it!

Sandra Rowney said...

Fun weekend! Like 'thing a day' all rolled into a weekend.