Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thing-a-day 23 Another denim bag

Denim bag number two...waiting for some pretty decoration!
and the beginnings of bag number 3.....
My jeans are SO big I was able to get two bags from them for my scrapbooks,
and here is the second one. I'm pleased with the shape of it and it will
work well to protect a little book I have been making for my teaching at the
I have also made a start on a third bag... The pieces of denim were in with
a large batch of swimwear fabric samples I was given recently and I
particularly like this collection of trims and fabrics snippets. I'm hoping
to fling them all on and stitch them in place to brighten up this third
bag....which remeinds me....I must add some glitzy stuff to today's bag when
I have time. Maybe a frew beads and sequins and a button or two.
I'm loving this re-cycling...trouble makes me not want to throw


Susan Allan said...

I love your altered couture..fabulous makes and 'three', made so quickly!!
Sue xx

dandelion dreamer said...

I'e made another one since! m x

Sandra Rowney said...

Still left wondering whether you have any jeans left in your wardrobe :)