Sunday, 2 January 2011


I had fun last night working on words and using effects on them in Elemnets means nothing at all.....simply going through the motions of trying to create different effects on type!

It is day two of the New Year and I feel so energised. It is nearly 6pm and this is the first time I’ve sat still for more than a few minutes all day. The Chrissy decs are down….the banister will now return to being the freeway descent for Hope and Grace….just like their mum who always made a noisy entrance by the same route!

We had a great night on Friday and brought in the New Year with friends at the boat club. Luckily we left Rosie at home…the power in our little chalet stayed on only long enough to boil water for 6 hotties! Ah well….the bed was cosy and we danced a lot…that MUST have been good for my waistline.
We had a lunchtime party yesterday which was lovely but meant that my resolve to watch what I eat went by the wayside…..mind you….no alcohol passed my lips! I have been working on Elements 6 and every now and then feel I’m getting somewhere with it then it all seems to seep out of the edges of my brain and I stare stupidly at the screen wondering which button I should press next or why the command I want will NOT work. Ah well….good test of my perseverance …. mmmmm….maybe that should be my word of the year. Yes! Sandie did suggest that we have a word and colour for the New Year so perseverance has to the word. No idea what the colour will be….that can wait a while.

Hope and Grace stayed for the night last week and we all cuddled up in bed the next morning and the girls were busy drawing and this included the backs of my hands...and theirs!
I have taken pictures of lots of bits of my work today so I can import them into Elements and play with them…..once I get the hang of the stupid programme. This piece is painted of my favourite techniques. There simply are not enough hours in the day for all this play! 


Sandie said...

Perseverance is a great word, Moira!
I like the painted Bondaweb. It would make an interesting texture. Have you tried that in Photoshop yet? If not, I'm one up on you :) Now there's a challenge!!

It will be fun getting to grips with the software. I've had mine some time and play now & then. But with yourself and Sian planning to master it this year I am not going to be left behind. I'm not competitive. Just don't want to miss out when others have the fun!!

Susan Allan said...

Hi Moira, I love the Bondaweb technique, it is lovely and scrunchy. Can you buy it in the UK?

You will get there in the end, you always do!!
Happy New Year to you and your family, may 2011 bring you all good things.

Sue xxx