Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 and a few promises to myself....

Here, is a really naff example of some play… just to prove to myself that if I play much harder I might even achieve something quite good with Photoshop Elents 6! The fairy is one I painted years ago after Hope told me a story. I have placed it digitally onto a watercolour and wax background and then added splodges. FUN!


A few promises to me and where I’m going or hoping to go!
I love this time of year when the days are short and the weather forces me to stay indoors and play. I’ve been having so much fun in the past few days playing, playing and playing some more on my computer. I was given a fabby book for Christmas called Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle but I quickly found that in order to play some of the projects I needed more knowledge of how to use Photoshop Elements 6. Tony came to the rescue and thrust the most enormous book into my hands…..Photoshop Elements 6…the Missing Manual. OMG it is enormous but I decided that the only way to learn was to stop procrastinating and get on with reading it.

I’m SO glad I did! I can now understand so much better what is going on and where to look for the answers to my problems too.

So, for 2011, I’m determined to carry on this learning and to become more proficient at manipulating images. I’m SO EXITERATED that I have even learnt how to make my own pattern stamp. Whooopee!!!!! Let the learning carry on.

So here is my list for 2011

1. Learn to use Photoshop Elements 6. Set aside 1 hour a day, two days a week….surely I can manage that?

2. Two years ago I subjected myself to make a new recipe every day…and I amazed myself that I managed to do this into February! Incredible. Well….this year I’m going to make just one new recipe a week. This is do-able and bloggable

3. I lost a stone in the past few months and revelled in the comments that went with it. Christmas came along and knocked me flying into the food trough….OMG I LOVE dips and crisps and nuts and cheese and pate and sausages with bacon round, and bread sauce and stuffing and booze. Oh yes….FAR too much booze. Liquid Mars bars that’s the problem with alcohol. Oh…and all those chocolates and biscuits…I cannot resist. Oh well….lets see if I can get back on track. I feel flobolly all over. Not a good feeling!

4. Holidays. Last year we lost two as Tony’s sister was so ill. I am determined to get away this year, in the Spring, with Sylvia, as we promised to take her with us when she was better. A med cruise would be fun

5. Our wedding Anniversary. 40 years in October. Wow…. that is a very long time to be married. We need to reward ourselves well with a wonderful break somewhere warm. Now I’m not employed, we can take last minute breaks so hopefully something wonderful will be on offer by then. I must work hard in the meantime and get saving!

6. My little card making business. I’m surprised to find that it is so far down the list but this is going to be the year. I have proved to myself that the cards sell well so this year I’m going to spend one day or part of one day each week selling cards to the shops. If, after the fist two or three months I find I’m doing OK I’ll book a trade fair in May. Big step. Not sure if this is what I want. Would I rather sell on line? Gareth has registered my domain name online ‘The Fallen Angel Co’ and ‘Fallen Angel Co.Com’ I love the idea of getting website up and running maybe by April?
7. Brochure. This is a priority. I hope to have made a start by the end of January

8. New designs. I hope to make at least one new design each week
9. Hope’s book. I really must finish illustrating her stories and get the book printed for her. Her birthday is in February…I would love to make it by then. Can I do it?

Well that’s it. Enough!!!!!!! Don’t talk about it any more….just GFDI!
A wonderful, happy, healthy and successful New Year to all my online friends. I have so enjoyed your enthusiasm and support.

I hope to be blogging regularly once again and I’m looking forward to ‘Thing A Day’ that starts again in February. I have also enrolled for the Sketchbook Challenge so why not join me? Click the button at the top right of my blog. Have fun!

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Sandie said...

I've missed your blog Moira - good to see you back. Hope 2011 is more gentle with you and yours, and that some of your promises to yourself are fulfilled.

I've got Photoshop Elements 7 and Digital Expressions. Brilliant book! I also treated myself to The Photoshop Elements book by Scott Kilby & Matt Kloskowski. Lots of ideas & tutorials and good to start finding out what Photoshop can do. Trying to master some of the techniques is on my list for the coming year too. Hopefully we can share what we learn and urge each other on!!
I've been busy catching up with my Journal Your Christmas album. Have had great fun only interrupted by going to work. lol