Sunday, 21 November 2010


I have been having a great time at St Barnabus press printing out a variety of pieces...(look at my past entries to get an idea of what I've been up to). Here, I am having a go at lino printing onto fabric...old cotton sheeting to be precise. I did the same design a few weeks ago in black, onto card but thought it would be fun to make fabric prints so I can machine embroider onto them and make them into bags, cushion covers, book covers etc
The equipment here is fabulous, some of it dating back 100's of years. I think this one is dated 1854
It is a very messy procedure and the printing ink is like treacle!...eventually, the roller gets coated.....
and you can run it over the lino cut. I did this several times as I found I needed quite a bit of ink to get a good result on the fabric
I draped them all around the place....
then I decided it would be fun to have a go at printing onto black card and here is the result. I wanted to see if it would work on dark material but I had none with me. I guess from looking at this that it would work
This picture seems a bit random! (One picture has gone missing. It was of me sitting on the bed in a B&B where I have been in Southend for the Ladder Club seminar for people new to the card making industry.)
I suspect that this chair leg has suffered from years and years of hoover amused me that both legs looked so bashed up but the room was OK.
I came away with so much knowledge about the card all I have to do is put it all into practice!
And finally...Janice Gunner gave a workshop at Comberton on Saturday using indigo dyed fabrics and this is my work in progress. I have used three blue printining images...two of them are of my granddaughters Hope and Grace. The brown fabric is a gorgeous piece of rusted material using an old chain I picked up in Harrowgate a while ago

That's all for now. I'll be back eventually...I'm off to Belstead at the weekend teaching embellishements for scrapbooking so busy week ahead!


Sandie said...

What an amazing machine... so beautiful! They certainly don't make them like that these days. Looks like you had great fun and your prints look very good. Look forward to seeing what you have done at Belstead. Counting the days!

Marg said...

You have been so busy, and producing beautiful work. The printing reminds me of my time printing at college. Messy but fun!

Sue A said...

What a fantastic toy!

You are so creative and I love the way you play with different applications and styles. You never cease to amaze me.
You asked a while ago what some of my collages will become, probably card fronts but often they just end up in a box....need to improve my marketing techniques.

Have a wonderful week.
sue xx

p.s. I do sometimes finish projects and I have one going in the Cradft Stamper magazine in their next issue,(Jan).... a finished project......

Sandra Rowney said...

Interesting to see the lino you showed me on the fabric and looking good.