Wednesday, 17 November 2010

2011 diaries, little books and dry point.....

its been another busy, fun filled week and so here is a quick look at production! Tony and I were away in Thetford at the weekend and I was lucky enought to find some plain diaries just begging to be covered. I chucked 6 in my basket and then thought better of it...who am I kidding I have time to cover 6? I enjoyed doing these 4 and decided against adding any beads and sequins as they will live in a handbag for a year, kicking about with all the paraphernalia that lives in a lady's bag!!!
In the front are the 3 books I covered last week but I have had fun embellishing them but I'm not sure it shows here. Sorry the picture is is late and dark and I know I shall not have time in the morning...these are just record shots..
Aha! I think this picture may be a little better.....
and a close up of the diaries with my yummy cupcake bag in the background. I fell in love with it and had to buy idea why...well now I know....

Clearly to house these little brag books I've been making using delightful cupcake papers
Our night away in a four poster room was delightful...we stayed at the Bell Inn and the room really was is so relaxing having just one night away from the rat race
...and time for shopping!

I have been going ot St Barnabus Press on Thursdays and last week I had another go at dry point. This is a picture from one of Hope's stories and it turned out well...apart from the fact I forgot to reverse it! Oh live and learn.
Mmmmm I seem to have deleted the picture. BOTHER!!!!!

Tomorrow is my last day there and I'm not sure what I shall end up doing.....maybe a few more fairies but in pink, not black?
This picture shows how the dry point is done. The design is traced onto the acrylic sheet using a scratcher thingy.....and then sticky ink is rubbed into it and rubbed off again before it is put through the press onto damp paper.

Right....bedtime......! Another busy few days coming up...I'm off to a seminar about the card indurstry tomorrow afternoon and back on Friday night, hopefully fuelled up to get my card making business going.
On Saturday I have an indigo quilting day with Janice Gunner...should be fun! will report back after the weekend..

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Susan Allan said...

Your covers will draw people to buy them they are so colourful. I don't think I have slept in a four-poster.....quite fun, I imagine. That little face is so cute did your grandaughter draw that herself?
Sue xx