Monday, 25 October 2010

Too many cupcakes and not enough time

Oh I'm sorry I've not been around for a few days. PHEW! Life was hectic with the sale at Grantchester Village Hall at the weekend.  I was so pleased with my sales and amazed to have sold 80 cards in one day....mind you...most of the visitors were quilters/embroiderers/lovers of mixed media so I was very lucky. My little books sold really well too so it was worth staying in on Friday night to make more stock.
Hope came with me for the day so she could escape from her little sister for the day. Se was a doll and didn't winge at all....we played boxes, OXO and that game where you write the first line of a story..thank you Sandra for reminding me of that one! Hope managed to get several of the others to join in and play. the way....the picture above shows my framed posters for the art exhibition at Cottenham this weekend....Tony and I drove down to Ikea yesterday to buy the 4 frames..I wasn't allowed to look at anything else...It was like being in a sweetshop and not allowed any sweeties.....
Anyway, having bought the frames with mounts included I found the damned mounts were too small so found a totally brill guy in the framing shop at Cottenham who re-cut them all for me and only charged me £1 for each one. He has the perfect shop for my cards and so now he has one of my colourful boxes filled with cards on SOR so FINGERS CROSSED. How lucky was that? It wouldn't have happened if I'd cut the mounts myself!

I'm going to miss the private view and the exhibition as I'm at Belstead but I'm hoping Tony will take plenty of pics for me

One of my favourite places in the WHOLE WORLD has to be the charity shop in our village. A magical place where so often I find something I didn't know I needed and today was no different. Just look at this divine piece of work. The floral decoration is the finest embroidery possible, protected under glass. It is the lid to a shallow glass dish and on the inside is a mirror. I was hoping that the discolouration was just caused by the glass being really dirty so I paid my £2 and took a chance on it

I haven't had to time to re-photgraph it yet but it is indeed very discoloured so I'm going to cover it with fine muslin and wash it through the fabric and see if I can make it look a little better. Eve was round this evening and polished the glass dish till it sparkled! And this is what I'm going to keep in it......

While I was in the shop these bags of tiny golded buckles took my PERFECT for scrapbooking so watch out girls...there will be a little challenge at Belstead to see who can use them most imaginatively!
I will be working on scrapbooking preparing for the course at the end of November, after my weekend away doing machining and generally messing about I suppose would be more accutate.
Must go's nearly midnight....!


Cynthia L. said...

Glad to hear you did well this weekend!

Don't you just love it when you find something wonderful at the thrift shop? The embroidery is really beautiful.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Moira, looks at those gorgeous cupcakes posters!! Yummie. :) Oh and that gorgeous embroidery is such a wonderful find and very divine piece of work! Happy packing for Belstead and wishing you a lovely merry happy trip! Love to yoU!

Sandra Rowney said...

Just had an email from a friend in Berkshire who likes your work, particularly the diaries.

Jenny Blair said...

Fantastic to hear your weekend was successful! Great stuff!
I have to say I am VERY impressed that you managed to go to ikea and buy a mere 4 frames!! That deserves a medal :)
Love your cupcakes by the way!!

Susan Allan said...

I wish you luck with the cleaning process. I quite like it in its stained condition.
Charity shops are wonderful places. We have some good ones too and I ususally visit them on a daily basis.
Have fun

Sue xx

Susan Allan said...

Forgot to say congratulations, you did well at the sale. Do they charge for you to have a table? Sometimes they charge too much, down here and it eats heavily into your profits.
Sue xx