Thursday, 21 October 2010

'The Fallen Angel Header Co' and sketches at the pub

Yesterday's pampering day was BLISS thank you all for your good wishes. The food was too good so that will have put paid to losing half a stone as hoped!!

I was having a really productive day today...and printed off two of these headers for mr card boxes for Saturday's craft market. I made a few little books too as you can see an got them all bagged up
I just had to share the next three pictures with you....we went to the unplugged 'jam' session in the pub at Horningsea with Gareth last night....needless to say I was the chauffeur so he and his dad could have a few beers. Anyway...I took along my sketchbook inspired by Sandra....I LOVE her sketchbooks........and this is a quick sketch of the scene....7 musicians all playing great music
This lad seemed to hide in his hoodie all night so I didn't see much of his face.
His dad was SO animated I never did work out what he looked like!
This is Bert. Bert was fun to have a go at sketching as he kept so still. Unfortunatley he wasn't smiling when I was sketching this but he was good fun. I shall have a go at this again another Wednesday. It made my diet coke last a verey long time!

PS. I was so happy today until Tony 'phoned and asked me to ring for a pensions forecast.....OMG!!!! I'm not going to get my pension till I'm 66 years unfair is that. Needless to say I have eaten EVERYTHING in sight since I found out. Oh dear....


Sandie said...

Moira, your book stand is amazing!! I so love the bright cheerful colours of your header. So eye catching. Hopefully it will attract a good crowd.
It looks very professional. Good luck on Saturday & glad you are feeling refreshed after your pamper day.

karen said...

The mug is from a Columbia Road shop in London.Its a flower market held on Sundays only.If you haven't been go.Its amazing.The parking is bad though.Google the street it has a good website with all the shops featured.

Susan Allan said...

Your little book stand looks really professional. Thank you for your kind offer to teach me silk screen printing. One day I may take you up on it...I am near Oxford and it is quite a trek over to you.
Wishing you success at the fair.
sue xx

Jenny Blair said...

WoW! I LOVE your card stand...the artwork looks amazing, so colourful and eye catching..i want a closer look :) Wishing you so much good luck on Saturday...though you clearly don't need it :)

Anita Davies said...

LOL...Not so bad with a coke but coffee goes cold very quick!
Great sketches, pleased to hear you'll be taking your sketchbook out again

Sandra Rowney said...

An excellent idea to sketch at music sessions, musicians are surprisingly static - their hands might be busy but their heads are often still and a joy to work on.