Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vintage patchwork

I was given this delightful pile of vintage patchwork by Sue who had intended to remonve all the rotten patches and re-assemble it. She soon decided that as most of it is rotten she was on a loser so I won the pile as I drooled over them and loved the decay and wanted all the bits she was going to discard anyway! 

Here are some of the very worst pieces. It is interesting the way some of the fabrics have broken down completely. Either it is due to the dyes used in them or they have been old clothes and re-cycled for this project. I am holding onto them in case inspiration strikes and I can use them too!
There is such a variety of fabrics I think they must have come from a rag-bag spanning about 50 years!
When I have time I shall try and research the fabrics which I think range from the 1920's, perhaps earlier, to 1950's. Who knows?
The original quilt was made up of machined circles of patches sewn onto a calico background by hand using dark brown thread

Here is my idea to use some of it. I want to showcase the fabrics and make them central to the project so today I am working on my first one. I'm hoping to use vintage buttons, lace and old tatt alnog with my hand dyed and printed fabrics. Watch this space! 


Menopausal musing said...

Very wantable fabrics. Lucky you. Love that bottom photo!

Sandie said...

How exciting. I love the way you used some of the pieces as a skirt. I look forward to seeing what else develops!