Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sylvia is coming home + Cupcake Update

At last! Sylvia is on her way home and I have taken 5 minutes off my housework duties to share with you this picture of Rosie and all her washed toys!
Mmmmmm....I'm not so sure she is very keen on the smell of Comfort!
I must admit, I didn't realise just how many she had, but then it is important to support the local charity shop...which I do frequently. Oh dear...there are always SO many things I didn't know I needed
Here is the cushion/wall hanging panel (badly photographed....sorry) I have added machine embroidery and started to add some glitzy bits but don't like them so they'll be off soon!

Both the panels have a larger border than shown. When they are completely finished I shall show them again...must rush off and get on with getting the house clean for Sylvia!

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ShabbyChicShaz said...

I love the photo of the toys hanging on the washing line, it is just so sweet :)