Sunday, 22 August 2010

Feeling Pawly!

Rosie has had a slight limp over the past few days. I checked her feet for 'darts' but couln't find any. On Saturday afternoon I loooked under her foot and realised she had an abscess on her pad. Poor girlie. So now my personal trainer is out of action although she can get about on three feet quite fast!

I have had a wasted weekend selling my cards at the 'Tomato Fair' at Wimpole Hall......NO publicity anywhere! Thankfully I wasn't on the stall all the time or I would have gone crackers. Next Saturday 'Country Markets' have a stall at the Quy Country Fair...I'm hoping it might be a little better! In the meantime I am busy working on new designs.

I am very excited as Gareth has got some contract work in Rushden starting next week for the next three months. Wooopppeeeeee!!!!! 

Claire, Phil and the girls will be home from France on will be fun to see them all again. fianlly the weather has picked up over there...they had rain, rain and more rain for the first week. So depressing. Ah well...holidays are for making you enjoy home!

Now then...I really must get my butt in gear this week and prepare myself for visiting the NEC and attempting to sell my cards.....I'm not having a stand but I am hoping to meet publishers. Still not enough time in the day but hopefully, when the evenings start drawing in I shall have more time.......


Cynthia L. said...

Poor puppy. She loooks so sweet. Good luck on selling your cards.

Sandie said...

Good luck with finding a publisher at the NEC! You are an inspiration!
Hope the next craft fair goes better. I should start making things to sell too, rather than just self indulging - but hey, it's so much fun!!