Wednesday, 26 May 2010


It is good to be back here! I've been ill for over a week. Went to work.....then ill all week then back at work. Anyway....the weather here in Cambridge has been incredible and I spent all day Sunday in the garden watching a pair of robins feeding their young. I love the way they always stop on the trellis to make sure no-one is watching before hopping down to their nest on the ground.

Unbelievably, they have used an old plastic meat dish to nest under! We often give our golden retriever, Rosie, meat dishes to take into the garden. She spends forever licking every last scrap from them. This one must have blown into the flower border....thankfullly, I didn't see it when I was weeding last week! I can't imagine how distressing it would be to discover I'd destroyed their little home!

I love to see the variety of tit bits and bugs they arrive with for their babies.......little bugs, caterpillars....and they are at it until it is dark every night. I just hope we are around to capture a picture of their young when they fledge
I am intrigued to see the nest too....will post more pictures when I can.

As you can imagine, my creativity has taken a back seat for the last few days but I did go to an Ineka Berlin workshop which was wonderful and made a lovely translucent hanging. No pictures yet but I am off next week and I'm looking forward to Kelly Rae's on-line class starting on Sunday so hope to be posting every day with huge enthusiasm! Just wish my head would clear.....feels full of cotton wool at the moment and.....
ps...looking at Cath Kidson fabrics for our little bedroom makeover as the next project

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