Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New Design

Well I have made myself finish the design. I added the dyed silk flowers and
then decided it was a bit flat so appliqued a pot and then it was unbalanced....
so finished it off with a flowers on the top....a sort of summer Christmas


Cynthia L. said...

This came out looking very nice. I thought it would be small, but for some reason it looks large to me. What is the size of it? Do I remember you saying it will go in the bathroom? It will brighten up any room!

dandelion dreamer said...

thanks Cynthia! It is 12" x 18". Thanks for the suggestion for it to go in the bathroom....no, I hadn't thought about it going there. I'm not happy about the purple flower on the top....looks too Christmassy....I might have to alter it! Moira

Kerri said...

i love the colors! my favorites- and i love the little flowers!

found your blog thru kelly rae roberts class blogshare- :)