Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Busy day

I have been really busy all day and have nothing to show! I started work on a new card idea but haven't had the time to finish it...too busy going out with Claire and Marilyn to a 'hand' event and learn about looking afer your body and hands and staying young and THEN they served up the most unhealthy lunch imaginable! Oh but I loved the table idea they had. There were two champagne glasses lying down, stems crossed and spewing out of them was dolly mixtures...OH DEAR...I love dolly mixtures and ate most of the single handed and there was a tray of those beautiful iced biscuits in gorgeos colours just begging to be tucked into.... that was just to keep you going till lunch was served!

Ah was fun to do something different and rest my poor hands. I made a pile of cards last night and I'm suffering now with my wrists.Hope and Grace came to see me after school and I made big mugs of hot chocolate then we all walked Rosie. It was such fun to see them kicking through the dandelions and the seeds flying up in the still air. MAGICAL! I love the way they wrap themselves around me and tell me how much they love me....why don't yor own children do that? Ah well....they do say that grand children are your reward for not killing you children. True....and they are worth waiting for.

As she left tonight, Hope and I had a hug and her ear was in line with my boob! Where have those seven years gone? It won't be long befrore I am looking her in the eye ....and then looking up to her!

I must make myself get up early tomorrow as we are off to the Lakes on Friday for thee weekend and then to Scotland next Wednesday. So much to do.....

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