Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Watercolour heart

Sorry this pic is sideways on.! I noticed the pictures had dropped off and I have tried to upload again with disatrous results!

I'm having another non-creative day...I'm really annoyed having bought new curtains for my bathroom to find that they are ring topped and I don't have a pole and neither do I have any curtain tape so I can convert them into ordinary curtains. Grrrr!!!!!
I did find this watercolour painting I made recently and so quickly added some free machine embroidery to it just so I feel I gave been a teeny bit creative!
I signed up to Kelly Rae's online course yesterday which starts at the end of May so I'm hoping it will kick start me back into production. I have so many ideas....I think this is the problem!

Back to the bathroom....we are giving the bathroom a makeover instead of having a complete refit. I hate the 1980's champagne suite but there is nothing wrong with it at all aside from the colour so I have decided to ignore it completely! Here are the knobs form the old MFI chest of drawers...they were gold in their last life and now they match the curtains and carpet. It was the carpet's fault that we are having the refit...there were mole-hills under it from all the foam backing which had crumled up and congegated in humps all over the place!

I'm hoping to paint a huge canvas for the wall in Moira Hazel's style perhaps. I love her use of colour and bought a piece of her work last year.
She was in her 50's when she started selling her work...this is very pleasing to know...there is hope for me yet!

I really must get on with producing more card designs and then making the effort to market them. Yhey sell so well in the two outlets I have so I really must start promoting them

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getting stuff done said...

oooh - I love the use of free stitching on your water colour. i have made some cards with collage and stitching, and while I think I am going to do a lot of drawing for my creative business, I am not going to leave collage and stitchery behind.... in fact, I might even love it more.....