Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Country walks and anatomical parts

I have had a blissful day today...instead of going to work I had a study day at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. I made myself get up really early to walk rosie and then I took the bus to the hospital so I could READ! It is a 55 minute ride and I have taught myself to be able to read and sew in the car, bus, train...anywhere! I was given 'Water for Elephants' by Sar Gruen at Christmas so I decided it was time I read it. Well....I enjoyed it so much I have read 1/3 of it already today and I'm having an early night so I can indulge in a bit more before bed!

The study day was amazingly good and I can now talk in a truly arsey fashion about distal and proximal bits and pieces of anatomy and make learned comments about Ottowa ankle rules.
We paired up and poked and prodded feet, knees, hands and ankles and learnt how to sort out a child's 'pulled' arm with supinate/pronate/supinate movements. It is so pleasing to have finally learnt the meaning of so many medical terms in such an enjoyable way!

Here I am with the girls last week as we went off to prune 'the faces'

The field is yellow with dandelions....it wont be many days before they have all turned into delightful fluffy DANDELION seedheads! I am so lucky not to suffer from hayfever....I can walk past huge fields of oil seed rape totally unaffected....BLISS!

Next week is Bank Holiday so I have taken the Tuesday off too so hope to get down to doing some really creative stuff very soon
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