Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Blanket dyeing and altered pages

I've had a wonderful day today. Hope is off school with impetigo but she is
fine, just very contagious so she came over to help me do some blanket
dyeing. I have a stash of old woolen blankets and an equally big stash of
Dylon cold water dyes. Wool needs acid for the dye to work and acid equals awful lot of vinegar I have to add! It stank in my kitchen vinegar and wool is a bit like the smell you get from wet dog
and cooking chutney at the same time. Anyway, the results were good. I was delighted with the blackness of the
black dyed piece! I used two tins and there was not a drop of dye solution
left in the bucket by the time I'd done.
I also dyed one piece 'koala brown' but the blanket must have been a mix of
viscose and wool as it dyed two tone and looks like a discarded dog blanket
now! Well...maybe Rosie will be getting a little gift!
I dyed several pieces last week using pinks and purples and then pannicked
as there was still dye in the bucket so chucked in more and ended up wilth
paler versions of pink, purple and orange.
Elaine came over for lunch today and we had a go with Citrasolve as
described in Quilting Arts. We slapped it onto the pages of National
Geographic magazines, pressded the pages till they oozed black ink and then
waited for twenty minutes. MAGIC! The ink has dissolved and melted into
lovley muddly puddles which we stamped onto to create background
pages....just in case we need any scrummy, yummy, muddy papers anytime!

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Cynthia L. said...

Wow, the colors came out really nicely. I have never tried dying wool or anything else.

I am amazed by the pages from the National Geographic. They are stunning! What will you do with them?