Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thing a day....scrapbook cover

I am TOTALLY fed up with this year's 'thing a day' as they have changed the website and I have got in an almightly muddle with it and havn't been able to post on it yet. Think I shall have to start again with a new name!

I was working on this last night. It is hand made bookcloth from hand dyed fabric, Bondaweb and tissue paper and I'm using it ofr the binding or a scrapbok that will be post bound

The pages will be made from folded 12" papers
all of them are machined in a different way to show at Belstead at the end of the month. I am using pictures from Claire's birthday in August

Ihave plenty to do on it yet and I was honing to get some done tonight but have spent the past three hours in front of the computer.

I will win in the end...I hope!
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