Thursday, 11 February 2010

Scrapbook brag-bag

I love to make scrapbooks and I make each one a little bag to protect it
from getting too bashed about and to keep the light out.
I start off with paper fabric I make with fabric, paper, tissue and PVA
glue. I layer it with tulle on the top and felt underneath to make the
inside soft.
I then machine quilt the layers together after I have cut the piece to size
(I use 505 spray to hold everything as I work)
Next, the side seams are stitched up. I have printed the words 'Graces
birthday' onto hand dyded fabric and machine stitched it onto the flap.
The heart was punched from a tomato puree tube. I placed it gold side down
onto funky foam and embossed it with a pencil then stitched it in place.
Finally, I used hot glue to add some black velco dots for speed! A very practical 'thing' for today's project.

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