Friday, 19 February 2010

Half made cupcake rag rug

Today, for my 'thing' for 'thing a day'I spent a very enjoyable day at
Swaffham Village Hall where Liz Shackleton gave a workshop on rag rugging. I
haven't done it for years but it is one of those things that comes back to
you straight away.By the end of the day by head was aching and my hands were
ready for a rest but it was such fun to be creative in a large group! I am
still in my cupcake phase and so I had fun making this little hanging and
hope to get it finished over the next week if I have time.

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Marg said...

That looks so cute, I am looking forward to seeing it finished. You inspired me to attempt to try and accomplish something crafty each day, and it has been so enjoyable and rewarding to actually make the time to work on any one of my projects for at least a few minutes each day. I still haven't finished anything, as none of the things I am doing are small, but at least I am working on them. Thank you.