Saturday, 7 November 2009

a messed up weekend....

It was 18 months ao that we were invited to a weekend away in Blencathra firld studies centre to celebrate Tricia's 'big birthday' and we were eagerly looking forward to it. so much planning had gone into it. I had a message recently telling me of the 17 bottles of wines he had bought for quoffing out of hours as we all poured over the pictures taken during the day.

We had been given the final instructions and list of 'must brings' which included hotties and possibly even bedsocks! does get pretty cold in the Lake District at this time of year and we are talking about a field study centre....not a posh hotel!

We werepacked on Thursday and the walkngo boots stuffed into a huge bag. Tony's camera gear, cameras (plural) tripod , fully chaged batteries, charger, memory, memory sticks were all lying in the hallway ready for an early morning start. Then there was the phone call. Tricia had fallen and broken her ankle; was in hospital in Carlisle and the weekend was put on hold. I cannot begin to imagine Tricia's disappointment. The planning had been incredible and everything organised to the nth degree. Nwo I keep thinking of her in her hospital bed, hundreds of miles from home and we are limbo....wasting our wekend here at home.

I feel incredibly frustrated and had to un-pack bags, cameras and all the other paraphernalia which lay in wait for our adventure.

Instead, last night we ended up near Ely in an 'eat all you can' curry house listening to a very talented Indian Elvis, at a cost of £20.00 each. Now...there is NO WAY you can possibly eat sufficient to justify paying that much for a curry, but it was an experience!

Hope and Grace came over and joined us for breakfast today....Grace's first breakfast here since she became 5 and is now entitled to 2 eggs! She enjoyed tham both.

Peace descended at 10.30 when they left and now I must plan what to do for the rest of my unexpectedly free weekend!

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