Monday, 2 November 2009

Dark dirty dog!

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This week's Inspire Me Thurday's prompt of DARK really had me perplexed until tonight! I typed the word 'dark' into the computer and used the thesaurus for some more words. One link led to another so from 'dark' I got:
dark dim shady shadowy murky gloomy sinister murky muddy; then I clicked on muddy and got mud covered mud spattered mucky dirty grubby grimy filthy messy grubby grotty smeared tarnished filthy grimy soiled unclean!
This wonderful collection of words fitted perfectly with this picture ofRosie, my normally 'golden', golden retriever!
Better still, when I looed at my facebook sight I was amazed to find a message from Birgitte from 'Sew Danish' (Etsy) about 'Wordle', a brilliant site online where you can make word clouds and here is mine!
If you want one word to be bigger than the others you simply type it in several times. Go and visit the site. It is SUCH fun. I had to download Java to get it to work but very glad I did.
Sorry for the picture quality. It is dark here and I wanted to post this tonight so it is the best I could do

I love these challenges......
and thanks to Birgitte for her added inspiration too. I can go to bed happy now!!!
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KL Bailey Art said...

Great interpretation of the theme :) I love your use of colour, too!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Hi Moira
I'm glad that I (unknowingly) could help you out. I absolutely love 'Wordle'. I try not to go the too often because it is so addictive. I've transfered some clouds on to lutrador, stitched and distressed.... ymmi :-) There is so much potential if one wants to play with the grafic of words.

ellie said...

LOL!!!! How true....and what a great sense of humor you have to create this for the "dark" theme.....nicely done!

Annette Q said...

oooo..what great words. I love how you got inspiration for your piece. Its lovely. Thanks for sharing :-)

soulbrush said...

i like it very much, what a glorious dog too. and howdy, i live in london.