Saturday, 10 October 2009

JUICE! Inspire Me Thursday

The inspiration from IMT is Juice
I racked my brain over this one and then inspiration struck. I had kept this juice carton 'just in case' and so I took my meat cleaver to it and lopped off the top to make it into something

Unfortunately, I also lopped off the bottom before I had the idea of simply covering it as a container so I had to quickly stick the bottom back on with masking tape!

I went to use my hot glue gun to stick on the embellishments but it had blown up so instead I dug out my cool melt gun and had to hunt out the cool melt glue sticks

Tra-la! IDEA.....use the container to keep the cool melt stick in

I then added little phrases to each side 'you melt my heart', 'this is a stick up'
'keep cool' and 'stick by me'
Finally, I glued my 87 year old mum's hand made, recycled lace around the top and I have a very useful pot!

Thank you IMT for the inspiration
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