Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pear for Inspire Me Thursday

Here is my part finished piece for the 'pear' prompt for inspire me thursday. Applique and machine embroidered hand dyed fabric on silk screened paper fabric. It has been gilded too. I intend to add some beads and sequins and I'll re-photograph it when I do! I'm off to a party this afternoon so have run out of time. This morning our grandchildren returned from 2 weeks in France and so I have been entertaining them so their mum and dad can empty the caravan and get the washing done

I have been very busy the past few days making stuff to sell at the Cambridge Quilter's fair in Cambridge next weekend. I have made loads of cards and bookmarks, little paper maze books and four bags. I hope to finally get round to opening my Etsy shop in the next few weeks too with all the stock I have been making. There will be plenty left!

I am told it is quite hard to get sales so this is going to be a very interesting learning experince. I've changed my working hours to all day Monday and Tuesday which will leave three days to work on Etsy. could be fun! It will mean a steep learning curve on listing on Etsy, and uploading pics and links to Flikr!
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Anonymous said...

Love your use of colors and stitches, especially love the background material. What is paper fabric?

april nance said...

Oops! did not mean for last comment to be anonymous - it was from me. thanks for visiting my blog.

dandelion dreamer said...

April....Paper fabric is made from cotton material, layered with papers and tissue paper all bonded together with diluted PVA. Very messy to make...takes ages to dry but is a great background to work on!

Julia said...

Very lovely !