Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Birmingham Quilt Show and other stuff

I had a great time at the quilt show! I seemed to spend most of my day wandering around the shops. it is such a luxury to have to time to just stand and watch ....and then BUY! I made this rusted fabric as soon as I got home while I sipped G&T with Tony and Mum.

As always, the background is old white cotton sheeting. Acrylic wax was painted though a plastic stencil and then rusting powder dusted on top. (Probably just fine iron filings which would be MUCH cheaper!)
It was quickly spritzed with vinegar and within 15 minutes it started to rust. Divine!
I have yet to decided what to do with it....maybe the next IMT will be rust? Who knows

Oooooh! these beads are so luscious! The way the light fills them with an incredible lustrey depth is intriguing. Oh dear. It was cheaper to buy lots of strings than just one....so I did.
I also bought lots of findings and LARGE jump rings so Jan and I can have another jewelry play evening.
I bought some other bits and pieces I didn't know i needed too....just in case. I just need to go on a jewellry course now!

I love the fact I can sit and sew in the coach and I spent the 2 hours there and back madly stitching on beads and sequins to my latest pieces. This is a little brag bag I made a while ago. I have just added a few beads to brighten it up a bit. These little bags protect brag books in your handbag. Very useful for proud grannies like me!

My two little ones will be home this weekend. Grace is have her BIG DAY on Tuesday, her last day at home before starting school. We are going to spent it at the beach and record every moment for a big scrap book for her. Can't wait!

I feel intensely guilty as Tony is off this week and spending his time painting our chalet at the boat club and I am here preparing for our Cambridge Quilter's Exhibition next week. I have a lot of pricing to do. Must go and get on with it!
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