Sunday, 26 July 2009

what a MESS!

Well, I guess this is the reason i have not blogged for a while. I am having a studio re-organinsing session and it is killing me!

I love the central tables and have moved my sewing machine across one end of them which means i shall be able to see out of the windowsa when I am sewing. there are sockets in the floor at either end of the tables which is really handy

The room is lovely and big and SO light with two velux windows which let the light flood in as well and windows which look out across the fields
the problem is there is no wall storage so I can have everything to hand. Instead it has all been stored in cupboards....until now! I have made a start by pulling stuff out to sort out and to fill into wonderful storage boxes from Ikea. Unfortunately, the orger for the 'billy' storage system has been changed from 24th july to 5th august! Grrrrr.....

so i am living in a mess and it has stopped me wanting to blog as i have not been very productive while I have been doing this.

roll on 5th august. Then hopefully Tony will assemble them all for me and i shall spend the next few weeks filling up all the spaces! ooooh it is fun thinking ahead to the autumn and winter when i shall be able to spend hours in this wonderful space.
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