Thursday, 9 July 2009

plastic bag holder

i just HAD to show of my tacky nails! claire and i went to a pamper evening at impington village college on tuesday night in aid of the feast charities and so i decided to indulge myself as i am not nursing until next week. I am also showing off my new pins. couldn't resist them!

having painted nails is a great excuse not to get my hand round the u bend!

i am still on holiday and trying hard to get some unfinished projects finished. i found i have a huge pile of screen printed fabric i made last summer at summer school and then squirrelled it all away.

i had made several printed t towels and decided to use one of them to make a most useful plastic bag holder for my studio

i cut the t towel to 20" long (it is 17.5" wide) and sewed it into a tube

next, both ends were turned in to make a casing for the elastic

i threaded the elastic into the casing and then made a strap from fabric approx 5" wide and about 16" long

i machined one end of the strap to the bag and decided to use a button and buttonhole on the other end in case i want to hang in through a door handle. at least this way i have the option
i had a fabby button i wanted to use but sewing machine decided it knew the size of botton hole it was going to make and so i ended up having to use smaller, naff button. oh works ok

i shall blog the end result separately. i never can load enough pics on this thing!

GREAT! now i can get onto the next project and get my head around a few more asthma drugs before monday's exam
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