Monday, 27 July 2009

Plot2pot in 20 minutes!

Here is Claire's chard all cut up and ready for the pot....LOVE those colours!
(Mmmmmm.....I wonder if they would work as 'leaf bashing' on fabric?....maybe worth a try sometime)

I stir fried it with onion amd added sweet chili sauce and sesame and plenty of toasted sesame seeds.
Tony took a teeny piece and screwd his face up in disgust! (Too reminicent of celery I think)

Then there were all the chard tops to use too so they got steamed and chopped and used to make a 'lasagne' without the pasta. I layered meat sauce with the chard mix and topped it all with a rich cheese sauce

.....and then with sliced potatoes and cooked till bubbly.
AND we ate it all with fresh green beans too. Phew

This plot2pot business is HARD WORK!
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