Friday, 31 July 2009

'Holes' for Inspire Me Thursday

I KNEW there was a reason I had kept this holey old dishcloth and here it is.
It started life pink and I stretched it out and left it to dry and then STUPIDLY painted it red and black a while ago and hated the result! When I found the IMT challenge I quickly rollered white emulsion on it before I went to bed last night and this morning whipped up a quick bag

I layered the cloth with felt on the inside and fine tulle on the outside after I'd ironed on Bondaweb and pressed on gold foil for a bit of glitz
After a quick machine embroidery session to hold it all together I cut out the tulle over the larger holes to let the felt colour show through.
I folded it up like a kite nappy to form a bag shape and used embroidery cotton and cross stitches to hold it together.

And here is the bag. I found a wonderfully holey button (thanks Jan) and machined on a heart shape cut from a tomato puree paste tube....job done

Now.....I must go and do a bit of housework!! Oooooh but this was so much more fun. Thanks for the inspiration
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marina said...

oh, my gosh: that is beautiful, so creative!!!!

kallu said...

That is fantastically creative!!! starting off with a holey dishcloth and ending up with a distinctive bag!

tangled stitch said...

What a great bag! great use of a holey dishcloth.

tiffjamaica said...

this is really great! :)