Thursday, 2 July 2009

more dyed fabrics

well, i had to do something with the damp fabrics left from friday's dyeing day; it would have been too easy to simply put them on the line and let them dry!
This is the result; a gorgeous selection of pale colours.
The first two dyebaths were hot pink and pale aqua. I put two pieces in each of the 8 buckets and then over dyed a piece from each with yellow

i just wish that they were still such intense colours once they are dry but hey....i'm going to find these pretty useful.
what i should really have been doing was to create soem lovely reds and oranges to do my poppy pictures with. Maybe if i get some time later.....!

I printed this last week. it was a piece of grimbo rusty or teadyed fabric which needed enhancing! it will make great backgound for the meantime i have added it to the stash.

todays project is to prepare a travelling package to take to blestead house for the weekend. Tony is on a photography course and i am going along too. not sure what i shall do but it will include quite a bit of asthma study. My exam is a week on monday so i have taken two weeks holiday from work at the moment and i'm cramming in as much study as i can between play sessions....they are my reward!
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Anonymous said...

Love the pastels, please may I come over one day and borrow them????

dandelion dreamer said...

now on EARTH can you borrow them?!!!!!
come and take as much as you want!
Moira x